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Friday, April 1, 2011

Latest Updates Spring 2011

Been busy busy, like always. I've announced my dates for Paris for Art Lovers as October 17 - 24 this year. We'll be going a little earlier than usual, and will visit Opera Garnier this year as an added feature. You can always check my or websites for updates, and you can always follow me on Facebook as well --

I'll be having a one-woman show at Crazy Moon Art Studios at 1407 N. Van Ness in May, featuring new work and the opening of my petite studio as well. Crazy Moon is located in Van Ness Village - Fresno, at 1407 N. Van Ness at Floradora. Events are the Arthop reception on May 5 (5-8PM) and the Half Moon Show on May 20 (7-11PM).

My TV show is on a bit of hiatus due to my crazy work schedule lately, but will keep you posted when things turn around.

May is also my birthday month, and I'll be hosting my birthday show with Hayride to Hell (Bay Area) and Avenue Saints (Santa Barbara) as well as my band, Cattie Ness & the Revenge at Audie's Olympic Tavern - Fresno on May 21. Seems like there should be other things to tell you, but other than I have new business number 559-512-6612, I can't figure out what that is. Look for me. I'm out there!

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