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Sunday, August 23, 2009

100 Faces of Fresno - Marcos Dorado

This incredible show is up at Arte Americas, and seemingly enough, I too am one of the 100 Faces! The portraits are so delicate, it's so incredible. I look absolutely lovely, if I do say so myself. Other personal friends of mine include Ray Appleton, Frank Dee and Kristy Page, plus our Mayor Ashley Swearingen. The images range from todlers to seniors.

If you have never visited Arte Americas, you really should. It is a beautiful museum and my favorite highlight is the Day of the Dead procession they host each year. It starts at St. John's Cathedral downtown and makes its way through the streets to the museum. Not to worry, I'll remind you!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Central Valley Arts and Culture - My New TV Show

Something else that I'm up to! It's true. My new television show debuts on September 4 online at or on digital tv 33.1. The show will feature events and guests from the valley or passing through. Stay tuned for the details. Sponsors or advertisers are welcome!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Deke Dickerson in Fresno this Saturday 8-15-09

Nice article in the Fresno Bee this morning about my upcoming show. The phenom that is Deke hasn't played Fresno on a Saturday night in 10 years, and I am so glad to have talked him into it earlier this year. Ladies, put your party dresses on, gentlemen, get a haircut, and meet me at Audie's Olympic this Saturday for a good rocking time. Get there early if you think you are going to sit down!

Neglecting the Blog for Facebook

In the last few months I have become a Facebook junkie! Add me there:) Rebecca Caraveo

I enjoy the immediacy of the interaction, connecting with childhood friends, not so childhood friends and all my these days friends. It's afforded me the opportunity to be on TV three times now, picked up a few cool rock and roll gigs, and have been able to share photographs from events that some folks were at and some folks missed. Even some of my European cousins are on it, one that I've never even met. Tres cool...

Oooooo, speaking of France...I am more than ready for my fall trip. Already planning events and my wardrobe, and counting the days. Unfortunately, it's still three months away. We tentatively thinking about visiting the ballet at Opera Garnier or a rugby match at Stade de France.

I always like to do something I haven't done before when I visit. Of course, my list just keeps getting longer, but I do have a spot for that in my travel journal, marking them off as I go. Other places on my list are the flea market at Vannes, the Piaf museum, the Picasso museum, the Museum of Montparnasse.

Ok, so add me on Facebook, and follow me everyday! Lots happening out there...