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Monday, April 1, 2013

Le Mont St. Michel

I was really looking forward to photographing Le Mont in the evening to capture one of those dramatic shots. Beware of the new car park! Talk about putting a damper on things. Last year we stayed almost to the end of the town where the land ends and the road to Le Mont continues. This year we were forced to park in the carpark which is about half mile away from there and walk to where we could take the free shuttle to Le Mont.

Although the shuttle was free, it was still at least a twenty minute walk to the stop. Everyone had to do this. The car park cost eight-fifty euro and would not take my American credit card. Also, I had my ladies wait for me so they didn't have to walk so far, but then realized there was no way for me to pull up and get them. I had to walk back to where I left them at the visitors center and have them walk back with me.

The cost in evening was two fifty euro, but we barely were able to photograph as it became dark rather quickly and we were still too far away to make much of a difference.

We stayed in Pontorson, the last town before St. Michel where the hotels looked quite deserted. You had to have a code and reservations at a restaurant or hotel to pass the traffic barrier. Supposedly by summer things will have changed a bit. On another note, if you actually took the bus to Le Mont from Pontorson (one way two euros) it takes you up to the base of Le Mont. The shuttle drops you off close, but you still have to walk may about three hundred extra yards.

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