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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brisk and Sunny in Ol' Fresno

It was a truly beautiful day yesterday as we waited in Old Town Clovis for the cyclists of the Amgen Tour to hit the finish line. I'm sure everyone was quite proud of what a great day was offered to the riders with lots of sunshine and snow on the mountains.

Clovis was totally on the ball with free shuttle service for the crowd. Some shops were open with delicious treats like The Robin's Nest, my favorite antique store on Pollasky, and some shops were closed with their keepers on the street with the rest of us. The only downside was giving hundreds of little kids yellow chalk to write in the streets...we weren't expecting to see the exciting end of the race in a cloud of yellow smoke that choked everybody, and you know it had to wreak havoc with the riders as well.

So, the good lord must have been listening, because not only did Tom Boonen ride, but he came in second. My mother was elated. She proudly waved her Flemish Lion, and she even had press members come up to see if she was really Belgian. Needless to say, she was on cloud nine, and even more excited to get home and watch the race in its entirety. We got as close to him as we could as he talked to the press and he waved when he saw the flag.

Cavendish, an American for the Colombian team, was the overall winner of the stage. Needless to say, trying to grab a good shot in the flurry of riders and chalk dust was not really going to happen.

There was a huge showing of the LiveStrong Army as well, with my friends from the Mofo Party Band and their families there to show support.

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