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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My TV Show, Paris and Other Stuff

Ooops, didn't realize I hadn't updated this in quite a while. My television show Central Valley Arts and Culture has been a very nice success and I am enjoying myself and my guests whole heartedly. Watch it online...yes, all of you from around the world can watch and you can even chat in. In Fresno and the Valley, you can watch it if you have digital TV on 33.1 Fridays at 3PM. This is a new TV channel and is only on from 11-6 weekdays, just in case you run into it and can't find it again.

Plans for Paris are underway. I have about two more weeks here in town, and then off to beautiful Paris I go. I am planning on visiting a few places I haven't visited before: The Dali Museum, the Piaf Museum, Versailles, and maybe even the Picasso Museum. I actually have a few days by myself and don't have anything up my sleeve as of yet!

I am so looking forward to seeing my friends, having steak au poivre at La Cochonaille, seeing some French rockabilly shows, and wandering the streets of Paris. Hmmm, maybe I'll buy a new pair of boots...

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