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Friday, April 17, 2009

Central Valley Buzz with Chuck Leonard

Well I hope you saw me today on Chuck's show "Central Valley Buzz with Chuck Leonard". What a super nice guy, and actually very comfortable to hang out with. Somehow we were watching ourselves on TV with a few minute delay while continuing to look into the camera and chat it up, so that was a little confusing. He made it fun though, and we talked about everything without going into detail or staying on the subject. Plus he showed clips from the TV show La Panthere sort ses Griffes in Paris when I appeared with the Hot Rocks.

We seemed to have a positive response from the audience with one friend calling in, an obscene phone caller, and others either plugging their stuff or enjoying the show. One guy commented on the great background of the set, which is inserted digitally, and you can see to us in the studio that it's just a plain green screen behind us to do just that. The digital screen totally matched my new top. YAY! There were a few intervals with a brass band called Yesterday's Chonies that played some interesting stuff, and Diana, a medical marijuana advocate, who was on the first half of the show.
If you'd like to be a guest, I'm sure he'd love to have you. Just pay a visit to the website for contact information.

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