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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gilmour-Floyd at the Tower Theatre

I worked wardrobe and make-up last night at the sold-out performance of local Pink Floyd tribute band Gilmour-Floyd, complete with a theatrical performance during Comfortably Numb. I re-created the surreal mom from the film, complete with 40's style hair, and 'Divine-esque' make-up, and enjoyed seeing so many old friends out on the town. It was truly one of those Fresno party nights where everyone is happy to see everyone else, with a giant melange of people you only get to see here and there every once in a while.

The Fresno Bee article, in their typical dissing of the locals, got it wrong when they focused their blurb on the opening act, Heartbreaker, a Led Zeplin tribute band, from the bay area. (Complete with a Robert Plant look-alike, who my husband warned me not to run off with.) Like Gilmour-Floyd, they were spot on, but the crowd of three generations was there to enjoy the songs of Pink Floyd and, of course, the light show (with over 150 changes).

Did I mention the food? I don't exactly know who the caterers were (Marilyn and her husband), but the food was fantastic, and I certainly didn't want to share. I'm so looking forward to it again next year!


  1. Another Floyd tribute band!! I'll look out for these. Do you have any photos of of "the mom"?

  2. I will post one of us backstage asap, and images from the show should be at their website soon too:

  3. Wow....what a hot mom!

    oh...wait -- it's me!!!

    Thanks for doing such a great job on my makeup -- I promise to have pics up on my site over the weekend.

  4. And here we go! For more pics of Jayne, check out her blog at .